About Us

About Us


Third Tours and Safari is a locally owned company started by David Daniel, Michael Kelvin and Emanuel Yegela. We grew up in the Parks of Manyara and hill of mountain hanang' and have years of experience.

Third Tours & Safaris - Best Trekking Adventures Companies And Budget Safari Tour Operators In Tanzania Offers The Most Affordable Prices For Mount Kilimanjaro Climb, Mount Meru Climbing Trekking, Tanzania Safaris And Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Packages.

Our Kilimanjaro expert guides have a great success rate of 90%+ and have safely guided over 300 clients to the top of Kilimanjaro. Our Mount Kilimanjaro Expert have all made successful summit attempts and are therefore in a position to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of a planned summit attempt. Our guides have support teams of assistant guides, cooks and porters that we have assembled personally.Also we understand what makes your trip unforgetable, and that is why our guides are also our best assets and our strength against our competitors.
Don't worry, you will not be alone in Tanzania. Don't think you are a guest in Tanzania, you are our family member. From the Owner of the Company to workers, you will meet with amazing and great team.

Accomplishing Mt Kilimanjaro is no easy task. The best reward is to know that us and our crew play such a huge part in the climbers lives to achieve and fulfill their dreams. It is such a humble experience and we are blessed and honored that we can share this amazing experience with them. We realize how much we enjoy sharing our love of the outdoors and adventure with others. We love helping people from all over the world experience the beauty of Tanzania. This is our passion and we want to pass it on.
Our safari and Trekking Guides, Chefs and Porters are well knowledgeable. Customers care is our first priority. You can know everything but if customer care is poor means nothing. From airport you arrive in our country, meet big smile and happy people who love their jobs.

  • David Daniel

    My name is David with 22 year old from Manyara, Tanzania. i studied my primary education at Nangwa Primary school, then went to Hanang' Secondary School for my O-level, and then went to ST bernard collage to study his information and communication technology IT course and after completing the certificate i moved to Moshi to continue with diploma.the life it was so difficult for me i missed the last year's fees so I wrote a letter to the campus administration suspending the study.After i started climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as a porter, carrying luggage up and down the mountain for climbers. After i did that for 8 month, realizing his passion for climbing and safari, i decided to go to Mweka University to study wildlife to become a safari and mountain guide.“During my studies in collage , l meet with Michael and Emanuel! And l shared with them one of my dreams which was to own a company for tourism and they was happy with my idea, and they encouraged me to start the process. they were very impressed with my idea and agreed to partner with me to open our business With the aim to provide jobs to our fellow youth and to helps other people with special needs, , and also to keep advertising the natural resources that my country owns.

  • Michael Kelvin

    I am Michael with 23 year old from dar es salaam, Tanzania.I was born in coastal of hindi ocean, i started and complited my primary education and, Secondary Education over there. After arrived in moshi I joined St Joseph Training Trust College for my wildlife tourism course after finish my course i started walking around to the tourist agency company to see if they can employ me as a safari guide but i failed because they said we can employ you if u have safari car. I did not give up and continued to find out if I could find another place to work and when i continued to searching i found one company they advised me to start climbing a mountain as a porter first.After i started climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as a porter, carrying luggage up and down the mountain for climbers. since then I was convinced to open a company with my friends that I am happy with because I do my work and I love it.Welcome to Tanzania “

  • Emanuel Yegela

    My name is Emanuel with 22 year old from Simiyu, Tanzania. I studied my primary Education at Zebeya Primary School, then went to Zebeya Secondary School and then went to ST bernard collage to study his information and communication technology IT course and after completing the certificate i moved to Moshi to continue with diploma at Moshi Co-operative University as I continued to study I joined a mountain climbing association because life was difficult so I decided to climb a mountain Kilimanjaro to carrying luggage up and down the mountain for climbers to get my basic needs. “that's where I got the inspiration from David and Michael to open our tour company.That's when we started the process and thank god because we get the support from so many people after they seemed to support our work very thank you and also recently do a tour with us.

Third Tours & Safari Co. Ltd


Third Tours & Safari Co. Ltd staff are highly qualified, experienced, fun, friendly and very safety conscious. We strive to employ staff who are passionate about and recreationally involved in the activities that they guide. We are very proud of the quality of our staff and the variety of their experience. We also think they are a pretty good looking bunch.

Third Tours & Safari Co. Ltd


Third Tours & Safari Co. Ltd specialises in abseiling, climbing, canyoning and hiking adventures in the Greater Third Tours & Safari World Heritage Area. We also excel at exclusive/private small group departures, and teams that are looking to customise delivery of these activities to achieve their aims and objectives.

Third Tours & Safari Co. Ltd


We have confidence in the quality of all aspects of the adventure experiences we conduct. Because of this, if you are not 100% satisfied with your experience – if part of your adventure doesn’t meet your expectations – let us know and we will fix it for you. If the issue remains unresolved – if you aren’t completely satisfied by our response – we will refund you for the part of your trip that you were not satisfied with.